Enduro bearings dub

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Enduro bearings dub

External-type bottom brackets are notorious for having so-so durability, along with often-marginal levels of seal drag. We did everything we could to kill it but this thing is simply incredible. For one, it uses angular contact bearings that not only happily handle much more axial loading than typical radial cartridges but actually need it to function properly.

Secondly, Enduro surrounds the silicon carbide ceramic balls with races made of a special high-nitrogen steel alloy that Enduro claims is more corrosion resistant than C stainless but also much harder than SAE tool steel in order to hold up to the ceramic. Also helping things along here is the angular contact design, which spreads the load out over a larger area than in a radial setup.

In fact, we had one tester run an XD on his everyday commuter bike through an entire Colorado winter — snow, ice, sand, magnesium chloride, and all. Despite the fact that we could readily see the fully exposed, naked ball bearings, the XD merely laughed it off, spinning as smoothly after months of intentional abuse as it did when new, even with no lubricant whatsoever aside from pulverized sand and grit. Even better, the XD also rotates with incredibly low friction for an external-type bottom bracket, thanks to light-pressure silicone rubber seals and the minimal, low-viscosity lube.

enduro bearings dub

Otherwise, though, there are simply no downsides that we can find. Simply put: buy one.

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Many thanks to Brian Hannon at Elevation Cycles for logging the extra test miles for us. Enduro XD bottom bracket review. Latest deals. Our review Hands down the best bottom bracket we've ever used. Skip to view product specifications. Low-pressure silicone rubber seals are included, although we tested one bottom bracket — on a commuter bike — through all weather conditions over an entire Colorado winter with no seals whatsoever.

The central sleeve on the threaded version is machined and laser etched aluminum. Can your bottom bracket survive these kinds of conditions? If you look closely, you can actually see the silicon carbide balls fully exposed to the elements. Low-pressure silicone rubber seals are included, although we tested one bottom bracket — on a commuter bike — through all weather conditions over an entire colorado winter with no seals whatsoever.

James Huang. Daily Deals. Subscribe Now. Shimano Dura-Ace R is this it? Remco Evenepoel Instagram video raises questions. You may also like. Bottom Brackets.It is ultimately why we ride. If you want to make your bike faster, more reliable and virtually maintenance free in all conditions, look to the XD bottom bracket. Precision ground and USA made at the Enduro Bearings facility in California, the XD combines cryogenically treated nitrogen steel races with Silicon Nitride Grade 3 ceramic balls in a proprietary process that results in the ultimate high performance bearing setup.

We are so sure that you will love these bearings we offer an unlimited 2 year bearing and race warranty. For Cross, Mountain, or rainy muddy environments, C stainless steel can be a great choice to cut down on maintenance and weather the stormy rides to come.

Enduro Bearings - Torqtite \u0026 T47 Pro Tool

We also offer this bearing in Angular Contact design especially for Bottom Brackets to stand up to the axial loads from pedal forces. Silicone Nitride Si3n4 Grade 3 balls roll on Black Oxide races ground to a mirror finish after receiving Magnetite and Cryogenic treatments for hardness and longevity.

Double silicone VV seals protect the bearings regardless of weather and are lighter and more flexible than rubber, and are the lowest drag seal available. Ceramic bearings are not only here to stay, they are becoming the standard. When carbon fiber was first introduced, there was some doubt, but now every bicycle in the Tour de France is made of carbon fiber. This is the case for ceramic bearings, and the CH bearings are an excellent choice of entry into the technology.

Oversized ceramic balls and cryogenic treatment of the ABEC-5 races ensure long lasting, smooth rolling bearings at great value. For the ultimate bottom bracket bearings, and for many hubs, these are the best bearings available for speed, balance, and longevity. A patented Enduro Bearings design, they may be serviced just as any other bearing with no special tools needed. Perfect for disc brake wheels where you need to remove all wheel play.

Also now available in ceramic for Your email address will not be published. Bottom Brackets. Finding the right bottom bracket for the ever-growing range of bicycles on the market is not always an easy task. We currently offer over 50 different types of bottom brackets for various bottom bracket shell and crankset combinations.These often-overlooked components actually bring life to your bicycle.

Loose ball, loose ball in a retainer, needle, and cartridge are the main styles of bearing founds in cycling frames and components. Loose ball bearings are the most traditional and require the use of bearings with a mated cup and cone. They are angular contact more on this later and offer excellent maintenance and performance characteristics.

Enduro Bearings MX

The same can be said for loose ball in a retainer, but generally speaking this became popular in more cost-effective versions. Unfortunately, what makes it quick and painless — the retainer — also contributes to its average performance. When not mated properly, they tend to fatigue quickly. Needle bearings often get replaced by multiple rows of cartridge bearings. Cartridge bearings have come to the forefront in recent years as a result of ever-increasing tolerances in hub, frame, and component bores.

Cartridge systems require precision to function well, and as technology trickles down, so does the frequency of their application. The balls, cup and cone are contained in a cartridge that can be installed into a waiting bore.

There are other corresponding measurements required to overhaul balls and cone systems and your bike shop will be able to tell you more. More often than not, just replacing the balls is a great start but bear in mind cup and cone dimensions can be challenging to find, depending on the brand and the age of the system.

As for cartridge, inside diameter IDoutside diameter OD and width all contribute to bearing size, which directly correlates to bearing life. They often have a corresponding universal identifier, which in the case of the aforementioned bearing, would befor instance. Headsets pose a unique characteristic in that they have angled races. With regards to performance, the bigger the ball, the better, as increasing diameter has an exponential factor for increasing contact.

More contact means more even distribution of forces, and results in better rolling performance and durability. Several major wheel manufacturers have pushed towards larger bearings in recent years and there are ever-increasing hub dimensions to show. Most high-performance brands have pursued increased spacing from left to rightin terms of width. Both ball diameter and spacing can contribute to better performance and longevity, especially in wheels and bottom brackets.

Two types of cartridge bearings have become popular: radial and angular contact. Radial are the most common as they are cheaper. They attempt to carry the load in a truly radial direction, which is vertical in terms of hubs, cranks, suspension pivots or derailleur pulleys.

Subsequently, they sacrifice a small amount of performance because forces within the moving parts usually have a non-radial vector associated. As a result, they have to compensate with decreased tolerances. Conversely, angular contact bearings require tight tolerances because they are directional.Menu Ridemonkey Forums. Forums Search forums New posts. Media New media New comments Search media. Members Registered members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.

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Sandwich Pig my fish! Staff member. May 23, 16, 1, So, instead of being forced into 24mm cranks, I can use either, including reusing my RF cranks. I'd rather not buy another RF bottom bracket though, so I'm looking for recommendations on better options.So you're building up your dream Pinarello, and you want a reliable, long lasting bottom bracket to go with it, take a look at this Italian threaded bottom bracket for SRAM DUB cranksets. The C stainles steel bearings offer a high level of corrosion resistance, providing increased longevity even in adverse conditions.

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Previous image Next image. This carousel displays a list of buttons that updates the main product image when a button is clicked Options Detail Images. Find your size. Select options Cancel Select options. Overview Tech Specs Weight Reviews. Italian threaded bottom bracket for SRAM DUB cranksets Stainless steel bearings offer high corrosion resistance Angular contact design withstands axial loads from pedaling Bearings fitted at the widest point for increased longevity Largest possible ball bearings for improved load capacity Made in the USA by Enduro Bearings Includes outer seals and spindle spacers for proper chainline and preload.

Tech Specs Weight. Weight Actual Weight. Grams Oz. Black, DUB. Claimed Weight Claimed weights are provided by the vendor. Actual weights are measured in-house by the Competitive Cyclist team. Write a Review. View All. Italian threaded.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Another external seal with dual lips on both sides and made from the best Silicone material guards from water and dirt penetration. In standard radial bearings, only 3 or 4 balls make contact during the load, at any given time.

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Wheel play can be adjusted out of the hub, to giving a more stable wheel, making it easier to adjust disc brakes, while still spinning freely. Filled with Rheolube special synthetic grease formulated in the USA, the balls are micro-coated with long lasting protection from friction.

We back them up with a 1 year warranty. Bearings are made from pure Silicon Nitride material with extreme high density from uniform compaction, the micro-structural development of this material during manufacturing is second to none.

enduro bearings dub

Bearings are filled both sides with Rheolube grease for the best protection and long lasting set up. The balls are Grade 3, Silicon Nitride Si3n4.

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These are the roundest balls you can buy without a military license. The races are treated with a black oxide coating, which helps prevent rusting in the bearing. The races are then reground to a mirror finish after this treatment.

Finally, they are cryogenically treated for strength before assembly. We also use Silicone VV seals, which is the lightest drag seal available on the market. Designed specifically for suspension pivots, Enduro Bearings pioneered MAX type bearings almost 20 years ago for bicycles to address the challenges associated with mountain bike pivots. Enduro accomplishes this with a special design where the maximum number of balls are inserted into the bearing.

The race grooves are deeper on these bearings for more lateral support for the twisting and multiple forces associated with mountain bike pivots. For more information in Enduro Bearings, visit the Enduro website: endurobearings. Enduro Bearing Tech. Add to Cart.

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Polished to a mirror finish for ABEC-3 precision and noiseless movement. Polished to a mirror finish for ABEC-5 precision and noiseless movement. These are military level specification, used for precision equipment. R hardness, of the highest grade. Add New Line Add to Cart.Enduro bearings Multipress. Three Presses, All-In-One. Pivot Bearing Extractor Set. Suspension and linkage bearing removal with ease.

Bearing removal in half the time. All new grease syringes. Enduro Bearings. Corrosion Proof. Now Available. XD Pro Bottom Brackets. Enhanced Shifting. Double Duty Seals. Headset bearings now available in c Stainless Steel, covering most sizes for frames.

Katie Compton. Our latest tool at Enduro bearings is the multi-press bearing tool. This high-quality tool comes with 3 different length rods to install headsets, service hubs and install fresh pivot bearings. The removable handles clip on the steel end nuts, and accept a 15mm box wrench for tight clearances. The modular design packs down for travel and tucks away into any hardcase.

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Check out this article for our product releases and updates. See More See Less.

enduro bearings dub

Comment on Facebook. Having the correct tools is essential for safe removal and installation of bearings. The technicians at Skyline Cycling GmbH of Switzerland have been using our bearing tools to service all bearing applications.


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