Best lmg modern warfare

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Best lmg modern warfare

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In Call of Duty Modern Warfare the bullets fly everywhere, the battlefield becomes more dangerous than it seems, however armed we are, we will find opposition with the sole purpose of annihilating us, which will lead us to think that the only way that we will have to fight and fight to survive is to have the best weapons equipment, here we will know for example which are the best LMGs that we can use.

Certainly using an LMG can partly be complicated, because our mobility will be limited but if we find ourselves in a squad battle it will be the perfect opportunity to suppress enemy fire, helping us create a chance for the team to advance and even open a space if they cross us in our visual, if it is true that this type of weapons lacks the lightness of others but if it has many ways for us to use it in combat.

In conclusion, we managed to find in this guide all the answers of the subject in question, this being the best LMG found in Call of Duty Modern Warfareit is expected to be very useful. Other Recent Articles.There are dozens of guns to choose from in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and finding the right one can be quite overwhelming.

Some people excel with a sniper and you might find that you're not one of those people soon after using a sniper for the first time. People might be talking nonstop about this assault rifle or that assault rifle only for you to find that you hate the way it feels when firing. Whatever your position is, whether it be someone new to the franchise who has no idea what these guns are or someone looking for that extra edge on the battlefield, this guide has you covered.

We've broken down what the best guns are in each class. The low-level weapons represent weapons unlocked at low levels while the high-level weapons represent weapons unlocked later in the game. Regardless of your level, each weapon listed below is sure to bring you kills galore.

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The assault rifles are likely your go-to class for any given situation. They have great range, great firepower, great accuracy and are overall, the most balanced types of weapons in the game. If you're not sure what kind of weapon you like to use in Modern Warfare, start with this class of guns.

SMGS, or Submachine Guns, are the ultimate run 'n' gun weapons meaning their perfect for the type of player that refuses to stop pressing the sprint button. They bring to the field the most mobility of any weapon class in Modern Warfare and some of the fastest fire rates.

best lmg modern warfare

If you don't have time to spare while capturing objectives and killing enemies, the SMGS are for you. The Shotguns are the riskiest guns in Modern Warfare in that they pack the most powerful price at at the great cost of little range. They don't typically shoot far but when their bullets land, they really land. If aiming isn't really your thing and if you're fine with defending an objective on behalf of the team, the Shotguns are for you.

The LMGS are a weapon class home to some of the most enjoyable weapons in Modern Warfare and one of the best guns in the game. They have extremely large ammunition capacities — you can fire for a very long time before ever needing to reload — that allows you to fire powerful bullets from virtually any range. Sure, they aren't the most accurate weapons in the game but when you're firing off rounds, accuracy isn't a necessity.

The Marksman Rifles are the class of weapons best suited for impatient snipers who would rather spend their time on a map moving from place to place than camping out high above the rest of the team in a window. These weapons don't differ much from sniper rifles in that they're still capable of a single-shot kill if the bullet is placed into the right spot on the enemy. They sacrifice speed for accuracy and mobility for power but if you want all of the fun of sniping but would rather spend your time moving on a map, the Marksman Rifles are for you.

Sniper Rifles are for a very particular kind of player. This player doesn't care to rush objectives, or enemies for that matter, and would rather sit patiently until their prey comes running across their crosshairs.

In that moment, this player always gets the kill with a single bullet and they'll often hear the addictive ding of a headshot. If you've got patience, accuracy and would prefer to stick to the shadows, the Sniper Rifles are for you. Handguns are the tried and true secondary weapons of Call of Duty.

They are there for you when you need them most, which is when your primary has run out of ammo and you don't have time to reload, and they keep you feeling fitted even when the primary weapon has run dry. If your primary weapon is too big or too slow to get the close-range kill, a good handgun will always deliver. Launchers, or rocket launchers, are the most explosive weapons in the game and are best-suited for volatile gameplay styles and tactical teammates.

Some launchers are for taking down enemy UAVs, a blessing for any team. Others are for blowing up your enemies in the most explosive way possible or for destroying their shiny new tank. Last Edited: 28 Oct pm. Was this guide helpful?

YES NO. In This Wiki Guide.A game will consist of a lot of weapons and not all of them will be good. Some might lack firepower while some lack fire rate etc. Each weapon is different and unique in its way and might be useful to you one time or the other. Today in this guide we will include all the details on some of the best weapons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The M4A1 can be unlocked at Level 1 in the Multiplayer mode.

It has one of the best accuracies out of all the guns in the game. It also has a fast rate of fire and being so powerful you will mostly use only this rifle all the time. It works well with beginners and more experienced players. If you truly want the best out of this weapon then for the attachments you should pick the Operator Reflex Sight and Angled Foregrip.

The MP5 is one of the best weapons in its category. It can be unlocked at Level 12 in the Multiplayer Mode. This submachine gun has good damage and accuracy. It can be used very effectively in the mid-range and destroys people in close range. For the attachments, you should pick Angled Foregrip for the best result. It can be unlocked at Level 1 in the Multiplayer mode. For the attachments, you should pick Flash Guard and Tactical Suppressor for the best results.

The MP7 is also almost at the same level as the MP5 or some might even consider it better. It can be unlocked at Level 54 in Multiplayer Mode. It has a higher fire rate than MP7 that can be useful all the time.

The best Call of Duty: Modern Warfare weapons in each class

It is a really good weapon for shooting enemies while on the go. For the attachments, you should pick Angled Foregrip for the best results. The Kilo is another good rifle that is used by man professional players in the COD community.

best lmg modern warfare

It has lower recoil and high fire rate as compared to other rifles. If you are more accustomed to sniping on most matches then this us the choice you should pick. This marks the end of our Call of Duty: Modern Warfare best weapons guide. Check out best loadoutserrors and fixesand killstreaks guides.Looking for the best class setups and attachments for the SA87 in Modern Warfare?

This guide has you covered. We break down stats such as damage, rate of fire, and recoil. With this knowledge we suggest 3 of the best class setups to run aswel as an overview of the best attachments for the weapon. The SA87 is a Modern Warfare classic. However, the weapon has been renamed to the SA87 in Modern Warfare From the stats above we can see that the SA87 can kill in 3 — 4 shots. Most of the time you will be eliminating enemies in 3 to 4 shots.

In addition, aiming higher also allows for a much better chance of landing a headshot, which ultimately reduces your shots to kill. These attachments combined, speed up the ADS and sprint out time dramatically.

The SA87 is a great weapon when used as an assault rifle. We go for the G. This class setup is great for those players that love to play the objective.

The SA87 comes with the G. This class caters to the players who prefer to run and gun. The SA87 comes loaded with the Compensator, This SA87 class is geared towards maximizing ammo and equipment. Great for those longer killstreaks. Admin and Main Editor at Kavo Gaming. Currently residing somewhere tropical in South East Asia. The Assault Rifle is high damage, accurate and very fast firing. It is a great choice on most maps and can be used both However, its fire rate does not contend to other weapons in its class such Skip to content.

Modern Warfare In Depth: PKM LMG Review (Best Weapon for Ground War)

Continue Reading.GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses. By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. Find out weapon features, traits, tips and more! The LMG is a weapon class best known for their large magazine size. This unique trait allows players to keep their finger on the trigger for extended periods of time. Reloading this weapon takes longer than other weapon types. Firing for extended periods of time allows players to pin down enemies behind cover, suppressing any of their plans to attack.

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Any attempt to move out of cover will only be met with the high damage that these weapons deal! Since reloading this weapon takes some time, it would be best to reload this gun only when you are nearly out of bullets and when you are sure that the area is clear of enemies! No one wants to be caught in the middle of reloading their LMG!

LMGs are also able to deal substantial damage. Pairing this with their large magazine size, players are also able to use these weapons to shoot down killstreaks such as the UAV, or even choppers!

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Weapon Features M91 Robust light machine gun sacrifices mobility for stability. High caliber sustained fire will neutralize targets at long ranges. PKM Fully automatic light machine gun firing 7. MG34 Fully automatic weapon with a high rate of fire and punishing 7. Salvaged WW2 machine guns are still reliable and deadly on the battlefield. SA87 Fully automatic bullpup light machine gun. Lower rate of fire and 5. Have some feedback?If you're just getting back into the game ahead of the new season launch, you should be aware of what weapons work best.

This will no doubt change with the big Season 2 patchso be sure to check back regularly. The MP5 is its next closest competitor, despite being in a different weapon category. The MP5 and M4A1 are by far the best weapon to use and are endorsed by pro players.

best lmg modern warfare

Season 1's new weapon the RAM-7 is definitely a cut above some of the other assault rifles, despite not being as good as the M4.

In the right circumstances, the MP7 and are just as deadly. The may have received a nerf since launch to bring it more in line with other weapons, but it can still dominate on small maps.

The GRAU 5. It's adjustable and almost customisable iron sights, dependant on which barrel you choose, make it a nice weapon to use. There are plenty of situations where the M13 and Kilo are on par with the M4, but a slower fire rate puts the AR into the A tier.

It joins the MK2 Carbine, which is a guaranteed 2-hit kill when accurate and aiming at the upper body - it also received a small penetration buff recently. With small nerfs being dealt to the M4A1, and MP5, although not enough to knock them off the top spots, have brought weapons such as the PP Bizon, Kar98k, Model up to the A tier. The Striker 45 only makes it into the B tier, one of Season 2's new weaponsalthough a decent weapon there are far better SMGs out there.

This category is dedicated to the inconsistent weapons of Modern Warfare - sometimes they're hot and sometimes they'ree not. The AX is great for picking off enemies at long range, but it can produce hitmakers in unexpected scenarios.

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It's a similar situation with the FR 5. Once a dominant AR on previous CoD titles, the FAL still boasts good damage statistics but a high level of recoil makes it tricky to use with minimal attachments. Despite being semi-automatic, the low damage of the Dragunov makes it the unfavoured weapon in its class.

The SA87 LMG packs a hefty punch and a steady rate of fire but the near-uncontrollable levels of recoil make it very tricky to use. Jonno Nicholson. Check out the definitive weapon tier list for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.Light machine guns in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare are heavy, loud, and dangerous. This tier list should give you a better idea of which gun is worth spending your time mastering.

With 40 players in battle and plenty of ammo to spare, an LMG is a great choice for dropping multiple enemies while posting up in a safe spot. Ranking these guns is just a matter of determining which one performs that function the best. The SA97 also has decent base accuracy that can be used for long-range combat and improved with the Ranger Foregrip and Muzzle Brake attachments. The problem is that the SA87 suffers in every other stat.

It has a lower rate of fire and deals the lowest amount of damage compared to every other LMG. Problems arise for the MG34 when examining its accuracy and mobility stats, which are both the worst among the LMGs.

The M91 is a powerhouse. This LMG boasts the highest damage in its class and it has strong accuracy and range stats as well. The major downfall of the M91 is its terrible mobility.

Using such a heavy weapon in a game like CoD: MW where players are incredibly mobile can be a huge detriment to your overall performance.

SA87 Best Class Setups & Attachments Modern Warfare

The PKM is the best gun in its class for striking a good balance between power and mobility. This LMG performs best at medium range but is also capable of excelling in long-range gunfights. Try to avoid combat in tight quarters. These environments are more suited for shotguns and SMGs.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare LMG tier list

You may not be able to fire back in time before your opponent blows you away. And the best part? Skip to content. Image via Activision. Older Posts.


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